Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Masyu Competion Update

Right, well I've had a laugh today concering my challenge (http://puzzlevalves.blogspot.com/2010/02/maysu-trial-puzzle-valves-challenge.html). Now when I said there was not size limitations, I kinda thought that a minimum size would be sought, (eg. 8x8). However, upon opening my e-mail box today I found these...

Oh, and before I recieve any comments, remember this person is in the lead at the moment!


  1. I didn't know we could use black cells that can't be crossed. The ONLY grid I could come up with was a 3x5 grid that was similar to this one.

    3x4 is the smallest grid possible; at least a 3x3 grid is necessary to accommodate for a black circle, but you can't replace the black circle with a white one unless the grid is bigger.

  2. Black "wall" cells can be used or not, points may be taken off for using them though.