Friday, 29 January 2010

A lightbulb idea?

Well, here's one that got me the other day...

This puzzle take place in two rooms. In the first room are three lightbulbs all connected to three switches in the other room. In this house a man is trying to figure out which switch activates which which bulb. Starting in the room with the switches I can tell you with certainty that this man can move from the switch room to the lightbulb room, not walk back in the switch room and still tell which switch activates which lightbulb, even with the constraint that the man has to move out of the doorway and into the lightbulb room to see the lightbulbs.
Your task is to tell me how.

Yeah it got me as well!


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  2. Very good Georgi, that's the right answer. I had to remove the comment for the benefit of others though, still good answer!